City of Laredo denied federal funding for major tractor trailer corridor

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The city of Laredo was a denied a federal grant they were counting on to expand a major corridor for tractor trailers.

The INFRA program provides dedicated, discretionary funding for projects that address critical issues facing our nation's highways and bridges.

The city was planning to use the funding for the mile marker 8 project. Which would connect the ramps coming off of Loop 20 to the World Trade Bridge, and connecting ramps south to I-35.

It would also connect the loop without having to hit a stop light.

The funding was for $122 million dollars which the city would have provided $22 million.

City manager Horacio De León says, " We didn't receive the grant so we are gonna have to regroup work with stakeholders and come up with a Plan B. There are currently other grants available through the Department of Transportation that we will work with Congressman to re-apply and re-consider."

The city says the project will now be delayed for a few more months and officials are looking to apply for a different grant. They will know if the funding is granted by the end of the year.