Alexander High School officials investigating threat

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Alexander High School was on high alert on Tuesday morning after a threat went viral last week saying that a shooting was going to take place on this day.

In order to ensure the safety of its students, faculty and staff, the district asked parents not to allow students to bring a backpack.

As part of its safety measures, the district also checked all entrances and bags that did enter the campus.

The district worked with local law enforcement to have that extra police presence in the unlikely event that something would occur.

Alexander High School Principal Ernesto Sandoval says although they do understand that this may be just a prank, they need to make sure its students are safe.

Sandoval says, "Our security officers will go through the bathrooms and make sure to look at all the stalls to make sure nothing is written, so that in case something is written we can go back to the camera and pinpoint an hour as to when it was written. It's very difficult when you have just eight hours, or nine hours of footage of students walking into bathrooms, but you can't pinpoint an exact hour.”

The district is still on the lookout for the person who wrote the threat and is asking anyone with any information to come forward.

There is a $240 reward for anyone who has information on who wrote the threat.

The district says that when the person is caught he or she will pursue this case to the full extent of the law.

Alexander High School Principal says from what he saw, there were only a few students who were missing and about 95 percent