Investigators believe Texas couple killed father over financial woes

19-year-old Jaclyn Alexa Edison and 19-year-old Nicolas Patrick Shaughnessy.
19-year-old Jaclyn Alexa Edison and 19-year-old Nicolas Patrick Shaughnessy.(KGNS)
Published: Jul. 25, 2018 at 12:24 PM CDT
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Authorities in Austin may have discovered a possible motive in the death of a jewelry store owner.

Investigators say financial issues may have influenced the owner’s son and daughter-in-law to possibly hire someone to kill him.

Nineteen-year-old Nicolas Patrick Shaughnessy and his wife Jaclyn Alexa Edison also 19 were arrested back in May for allegedly hiring someone to kill Nicolas’ father, Ted Shaughnessy.

Police say they found a torn up piece of paper in the trash can at the son and daughter in law’s apartment.

When evidence pieced it back together, it appeared to have a hand drawn diagram of the murder plot.

Search warrants say Nicolas told an investigator he owned his mother $30,000 and the two had gotten into an argument about it the same week of his dad’s death.

Nicolas says she loaned him the money to start a day trading business.

There were also text messages that Nicolas’ wife Jaclyn sent a friend saying “Only U Know I’m Broke” with screen shots of their bank account.

The bank account contained less than $2.

According to the search warrants, Nicolas had done some ride a longs with the College Station Police Department.

Detectives say the 19-year-old seemed versed in police investigation techniques.

Investigators also discovered text messages claiming Nicolas owed his parent’s neighbor $2,600.