Judge orders city of El Cenizo to canvass votes

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- Earlier this month on Election Day, Elsa Degollado was voted in as the new mayor of El Cenizo.

Now in a lawsuit, she's claiming that the current administration is trying to delay her from taking office.

The lawsuit states that the final canvassing of votes, which makes the count official, has failed to happen in the time required.

State law says that the canvass must take place no later than 11 days after Election Day, which fell on November 20th.

Current El Cenizo mayor Raul Reyes says that he has already tried to canvass the votes, and is still committed to holding a smooth transition.

Judge O.J. Hale in the 406th District Court has given the City of El Cenizo until Thursday to hold the canvass, something that Reyes says the city had already planned on doing.