Battle of the Budget over: Judge sides with commissioners

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The Webb County Attorney has lost his case to keep County Commissioners from creating their own civil division.

Thursday’s decision brings to an end the budget battle that had kept part of the county budget from taking effect.

This means, Commissioners Court is cleared to move forward with its plans to move several attorneys from the county attorney’s office for their own legal division.

The case began when commissioners expressed concerns that the county attorney’s office was not providing adequate services to county civil matters.

Count Attorney Marco Montemayor said that taking away those attorneys would seriously affect his other legal duties.

However, commissioners argued that they were well within their right to do what they did and a judge agreed with them.

The county judge says it all has to do with the county’s bottom line.

The judge’s order takes effect immediately, which means any chance that had been put on hold due to the restraining order will now be allowed to take effect.

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