Keep your pets indoors during the hot temperatures!

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - During the dog days of summer, the temperatures can be unbearable, which is why it’s important to keep you and your furry friends in doors.

Temperatures in South Texas can get up to 110 degrees in the summer, which could cause animals to dehydrate and die.

Experts say if it’s too hot for the pet owner, it’s even hotter for the animals.

Rodolfo Gonzalez from the Laredo Animal Care Facility says, “Dogs can get overheated real quick, if they're out in the sun, just like people, so it is important to make sure that all pets have adequate water, adequate shade, and if you do not do so, then you probably end up with maybe a visit."

The facility says they will be out patrolling neighborhoods and if they see an animal in a possibly hazardous situation, the owner could receive a hefty fine of up to $500.