Keeping your home safe while you're on vacation

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - With Spring Break underway, many locals will hit the road for a nice getaway, but authorities say that dream vacation could turn into a nightmare when returning home.

Whenever your family leaves on vacation, it can be quite nerve-wracking knowing that nobody is there to watch your home or your belongings.

Local resident Marisol Nora says the first thing she does when she goes out of town is informs her neighbors, so they can keep a close watch on her home.

Emanuel Diaz with the Laredo Police Department recommends keeping all doors and doors locked and secure.

He also recommends using a good alarm system, whether it would be through an alarm company or a personally purchased one.

Diaz also says posting about your trip on social media can also inform others that your house is vacant.

If you cannot afford an alarm system, it’s also a good idea to have family members or someone you trust to check on your home while you are out.

Law enforcement officials say surveillance cameras and other alarm systems have proven to be effective.