Residents of La Bota Ranch appear in court after filing a lawsuit

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- Residents of La Bota Ranch met in court after filing a lawsuit against the Homeowners Association two years ago.

In July 2017, a class action lawsuit comprised of La Bota Ranch residents was filed against the property owners, who are also the board members of the community's two Homeowners Associations.

The residents are claiming that their dues are constantly being raised to excessive amounts.

One resident says they pay upwards of $2,600 dollars in dues a year.

They believe this is an injustice since their money isn't going towards amenities they were promised for their neighborhood.

Their attorney Doanh Nguyen says the association dues are more than some people pay for the interest on their homes and it's not fair.

Homeowners want to see how their money is being spent and why the control of the HOA hasn't been passed down to them.

There are approximately 475 homeowners in La Bota Ranch.

Judge Joe Lopez granted a delay in the case. The next trial date is set for September 23rd.