Laredo College votes to move polling location

Published: Dec. 5, 2018 at 5:47 PM CST
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After City Council Members decided to move the Santo Nino Elementary School polling site to the Saint Vincent De Paul Church, the Laredo College Board of Trustees met in a special meeting to discuss the change.

The decision made by the council members comes as they determined Jose R. Perez III a candidate in the race for City Council District 2 and the principal at Santo Nino Elementary, has an unfair advantage working so close to a polling site.

The Laredo College board met to discuss the relocation of the polling site and ultimately agreed with the decision.

However, one board Laredo College board member feels this issue should not merit any changes. Jackie Leven Ramos says she has been a candidate who worked at a polling site and did not have any issues. And feels the election officials hired by the Elections Administration office are well qualified to handle any issues that may arise.

Her decision to vote in favor of the relocation of the polling site to the Saint Vincent De Paul Church was based on Laredo ISD’s request to move the location and the proximity to voters in that precinct.