City cuts ties with Sunset Pools over "Lazy River" project

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The City of Laredo has terminated their contract with Sunset Pools, the construction company in charge of the "Lazy River" project.

This month mark 3 years since city council approved of the creation of the "Lazy River" in District 2.

The city has faced many issues with the project such as unmet deadlines, which has resulted in the owner racking up thousands of dollars in fines.

The project's final deadline was set for August, but it was never clear if the project was complete or not.

City of Laredo Public Service Executive Director Ramon Chavez says they're currently working with Sunset Pools' bonding and insurance company to see how they will move forward.

The city is tallying up the total amount in fines the construction company has collected.

They'll be determining if this issue will be brought forward to the city council at their upcoming meeting.