LISD school nurses will soon test student heart health

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Laredo ISD is taking an extra preventive measure when it comes to their student's health.

The school board bought nine EKG machines and today all LISD school nurses were receiving a training to learn about the new equipment.

Through a pilot program last year, LISD was able to learn about students’ hearts.

Through the Cody Stevens foundation, they were able to perform over 1,300 electrocardiograms.

They monitored all athletes, band, cheer and ROTC members through the program.

"We found one student that what we called a red flag,” said Grace Lopez, LISD Health Coordinator. “They had to stop all participation and his mother was very grateful that we were able to identify the abnormality in his heart that she didn't know about. And we also found others that needed a follow up with their cardiologist, and they were cleared and able to return to their sport of other activities that they were doing."

This year, with the new machines, it opens the doors to students to get tested at all schools.

Starting in April, all students grades 7th through 12th will be checked.

LISD will be sending out parent consent forms to be signed before they can get tested.

Those results will be sent home, and if they found something abnormal, then they will refer the student with a cardiologist.