LISD teachers to receive pay raise

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The budget and employee pay raises was the topic of discussion during a recent LISD Board of Trustees meeting.

The board unanimously voted to approve the recommended pay increases for teachers, administration, and paraprofessionals. However, another meeting was held the following night to discuss the possibility of raising the pay increases a bit higher.

Starting next fall, all LISD teachers will have increases to their salaries, with longer tenured teachers getting more.

LISD Assistant superintendent Dr. Bobbie Ramirez says one to five-year teachers will receive an increase of about $2,600; meanwhile, educators over six years will receive an increase of about $2,800, which is good news for 12-year educator Catalina De La Rosa.

De La Rosa says she has been working for the district for a long time and believes a raise is long overdue.

For the past few years, LISD has been giving annual increases between one and two percent.

It’s not only teachers who will be benefitting from the increase, administrators and paraprofessionals will also be getting a five percent increase.

For LISD, the payroll of teachers accounts for 85 percent of its expenditures.

District officials say pay increases show their appreciation of their teachers and hope the increases also keep them from moving to other districts.

At the meeting, board members also voted to increase its contribution to the insurance plan up to $425.