LPD Chief addresses newest information from Knoll shooting

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The Laredo Police Department released new information about the gun battle at a north Laredo home that left a community in shock.

A week long investigation has found that one of the victims of the Knoll Avenue shooting wasn't shot at by the alleged gunman, but rather by a Laredo Police Officer.

"There was a lot of confusion in those minutes when the incident took place,” said Chief Claudio Trevino of the Laredo Police Department. “We reviewed all the evidence and just wanted to come forward and give that information to the public."

The initial story that was told in the affidavit about the shooting has shifted gears now that investigators have started piecing the crime scene together.

"The initial affidavit is based on the evidence we had at the time, then as the case evolved and developed, with the further review of the evidence that's when we came to that realization."

What we know is that officers were met with gunfire when they arrived to the victims’ home.

Police are now saying that Terrazas was waiting inside his car from across the neighbor’s home and when police arrived he began shooting. That's when Officer Anthony Whitehawk Cabello was shot in his right leg.

When Terrazas made his way into the home, he found his ex-girlfriend, her mother, and brother hiding in a room. The family struggled and took his weapon away, but not before the 52-year-old woman was shot twice.

According to police, gunshots exited the home and went towards their direction.

After several minutes, the victim’s brother made his way outside with the rifle, allegedly charging towards police, and was then shot.

The officers Cabello, Eduardo Benavides, and David Hinojosa were put on administrative leave.

"A lot of times they're in an office answering phone calls,” said Chief Trevino. “We keep them busy. We have them review reports, assist in other capacities other than being out in the field."

Now that more details are painting a clear picture of the incident, Laredo Police Chief Claudio Trevino has one message for the public:

"Not to lose focus of that fact that Mr. Terrazas was the one that caused all this. He's the one that placed the whole neighborhood in danger. That terrorized the family inside the home, so because of what happened with Mr. Terrazas, the officers responded adequately to end that threat that developed quickly, and it was unfortunate that the incident ended with the male victim of the home being shot by the officer."

Once investigators put together all the information, they will be sending it to the District Attorney's Office, and from there the DA will decide what action to take next.

The victim's mother was taken to the hospital and released. However, the brother is still in the hospital.

The family has been put in through with the Laredo Police Department's Crime Victim Coordinator who assists families with issues like medical bills.