Update: Drive-by shooting in central Laredo claims the life of a one-year-old

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The Laredo Police Department is investigating what they are calling the fourth homicide of the year which happened overnight.

One-year-old Oliver Villarreal

The victim was identified as a one-year-old boy named Oliver Villarreal.

Earlier this morning investigators canvased the area to gather more details on what happened.

Police say the incident happened on Thursday after midnight at the 2500 block of Monterrey Avenue.

According to authorities, they received a call regarding shots fired outside an apartment complex near the area.

During the commotion, a child was reportedly shot in the head.
A nearby neighbor helped the father call 911.

Melissa Garcia says, "So all of the sudden I hear knocking on the door.

So I go to check and it was a guy asking for my phone, because they had shot his friend’s son. So he was like we need a phone, we need a phone."

The boy was taken to a local hospital where he later died as a result of his wounds.

The suspect is said to be at large.

Laredo Police are asking residents in the area to come forward with any information regarding the incident.

If you have any details on the shooting, you can call police at 795-2800 or Crime Stoppers at 727-TIPS.

Below is the original text from this story:

A one-year-old is dead after an apparent drive by shooting in central Laredo.

According to the Laredo Police Department the incident happened overnight near the 2500 block of Monterrey.

Police officers are still investigating the incident but they have confirmed that during the shooting a one-year-old was shot and killed.

KGNS News will have more details as they become available.