LULAC collects donations for humanitarian crisis

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Texas, as well as other border states, are at the forefront of what is being called the immigration crisis.

People are fleeing their home countries hoping to gain asylum into the U.S. and it all trickles down to the local municipalities.

Here in Laredo, the Catholic Charities director says they see 200 to 250 immigrants pass through their doors on a daily basis.

President of LULAC Chapter 12 Camilla Sosa says the organization has been seeing an influx of refugees since November.

Some of these people stay for a day or more, some just pass through.
Sosa says it’s a national crisis that is affecting not just Laredo but other border cities as well and feels the need to help.

All donations they receive go towards La Frontera.

Many who decided to help out the cause say they feel like they need to pay it forward.