LULAC speaks on controversial shop name in Amarillo

Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 10:39 PM CDT
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As the discussion of race continues to be in the forefront across the country, the League of United Latin American Citizens is speaking out about not tolerating racist language in one's community, specifically among businesses.

This comes after a business owner in Amarillo decided to adopt a sequence of words that is used as a derogatory term towards hispanics for his new shop.

LULAC believes this name creates tension among the hispanic community, since historically its been used to attack the hispanic community.

The business owner defends his move and says the name comes from culture appreciation and stands by his decision.

Camilla Sosa, communications director for Texas LULAC says even though this happened outside of Laredo, the community here needs to be aware of instances like these to understand how other races sometimes view the hispanic community.

She adds in Laredo, racism is not prominently spoken about but asks for the community to speak out when these type of racial words are being used.

"Here in Laredo we are lucky that many are hispanic and latino, but when you go out to other communities, our people are discriminated. Racism is alive and well so these words are hurtful. These words matter and these words have weight."

Sosa says LULAC is now working with state lawmakers to ban for businesses to use racially offensive and provocative words in their names.

The Amarillo branch of the NAACP has also released a statement in support of LULAC's effort, saying the group "Will continue to stand against discrimination of any sort."

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