Homeowners Association Causing Financial Burden On La Bota Ranch Residents

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A homeowner is speaking out about the financial burden, her homeowners association is causing for not only her but many other La Bota Ranch residents.

A home turned into a financial nightmare for many residents at La Bota Ranch.

One home owner is opening up about her fear of losing a home due to the high homeowner association fees.

The association manages the neighborhood and is supposed to use the money from the fees to maintain the neighborhood.

Residents say they were paying a little over $300 a quarter, and then in May of 2016 it went up to almost $600 dollars, which is causing a financial strain on residents.

A La Bota Ranch resident says, she questions where her money is going to, since all she sees is her bill getting higher, and her community not improving.

Many residents are upset over the situation and say the fees are not justified.

One resident says he has seen 50 for sale signs outside several homes.

KGNS reached out to La Bota Ranch realty to ask if the fee was justifiable and they directed us to speak to the management company that over sees the homeowners association.

The homeowners association met last week to decide if the fees would increase for the next quarter. The board decided to keep it the same.

According to the association and the La Bota Ranch website, realtors and developers of La Bota Ranch are also members of the board who makes the decision to increase the fees.

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