La Bota Ranch Lawsuit, Statement and Organization

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Lawsuit filed June 30, 2017. See attachment.

Statement from the Board of Directors La Bota Ranch:

“Under Texas law, a developer can maintain control of a development until the development is finished. La Bota Ranch is still under development; thus, it remains under developer control. The developer understands the concerns of the homeowners. The main reason homeowners have not had representation is because of quorum restraints. The developer has been working diligently with legal representation to lower the quorum requirements so that homeowners will have representation on the board. We anticipate that homeowners will have a member on the board in the near future.
The increase in dues are due in large part to attorney’s fees paid to a law firm to collect delinquencies that resulted from the great recession.
However, we are listening to the concerns of the homeowners very carefully, and we have held several meetings for owners over the last year to discuss reasons for the increase in assessments. The assessments were kept artificially low for 15 years to keep costs as low as possible for homeowners, but now it is time for the community to institute responsible upgrades.
We have installed a variety of community enhancements including: speed bumps, solar lights, recreational equipment and new security software to keep La Bota Ranch safe, secure and a great community to live. We look forward to continuing to work together with our owners to preserve, protect and enhance our property values at La Bota Ranch.”

For more information on the Home Owners Voices United organization, you can reach Vanessa Perez at (956) 307-8709.

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