Laredo Airport looking into adding new airlines

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The Laredo Airport Director and the city manager took part in a conference in Ohio to promote our airport facilities.

The JumpStart Conference for Air Service Development helps other airports promote their services and Laredo was looking to acquire new cargo and passenger airlines.

City officials say they would like to bring in more air cargo to increase the status of the International Airport.

The city also wants to bring passenger airlines with popular destinations to the U.S. from Laredo.

Rafael Benavides with the city says, "So they are in negotiations with airlines right now but pretty soon the airport and City Manager will have news about maybe what airlines are coming to Laredo."

The city was also there to promote the U.S./Mexico Customs facility at the airport for air cargo.

Laredo is the first city in the country to have facility like this.