Laredo Airport looking to expand its cargo area

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The airport committee is planning to expand the runway in the cargo section in the upcoming years.

Airport officials are hoping to expand the cargo runways in the next five years, which is why they have started to plan the construction process.

This will gear the airport in the right direction as the committee sees that there is a need to help the many cargo planes that touch base in Laredo.

According to the Director of Transportation, Mario Maldonado, the Laredo International Airport is the sixth largest airport carrying cargo in the State of Texas.

Local cargo business owners agree that there is a need to expand the runway on the section, although they think that the airport officials should also listen to the needs that they have.

Maldonado says, “Start designing to expand one of them, in order to land larger aircrafts than the ones that are currently landing here, as we see cargo increasing here in Laredo.”

The planning for the project has started although, airport officials are estimating that it may cost up to 15 million dollars.

Officials are paying close attention to the cargo area to make sure they do the right expansions.

The airport committee is hoping to bring more cargo business to our city, as they feel this would be beneficial for our economy.