New department management structure

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The City of Laredo is re-organizing its department’s management structure.

File photo: Horacio de Leon

Starting on Monday, the city manager’s office is doing away with its assistant city manager positions and adding five executive director positions, something they say will save the city $340,000.

City Manager Horacio de Leon says they are getting current directors to oversee several departments.

They hope the changes will make their office more accessible to staff and the community.

Martin Aleman will now be the executive director of finance and technology.

Ramon Chavez will be the executive director of public services.
Monica Flores will be executive Director of personnel/risk and civil services.

Blasita Lopez will be executive director of tourism, marketing and communications.

And Mario Maldonado Jr. will be the executive director of transportation.
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Below is the original text from this story:

The city manager is shaking things up at city hall by reorganizing departments.

On Monday, the city manager implemented a new management structure.

City manager Horacio de Leon and deputy city manager, Cynthia Collazo will be overseeing the city secretary’s, economic development, tax, innovations and planning building, as well as other departments.

There are now five executive directors that will share in supervising the other departments of the city.

Placing an initial emphasis on building synergy and connections between those departments, employing a new and more strategic approach to manage the specific areas.

There have been a number of individuals reassigned in the process which includes eliminating two assistant city manager positions, saving approximately $340,000 in positions.

Coming up tonight on KGNS News we’ll speak to the city manager about the changes and why he is implementing them.

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