Laredo Immigrant Alliance lends a helping hand to Dreamers

Published: Aug. 5, 2019 at 2:12 PM CDT
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A local group decided to lend Dreamers, or DACA recipients a helping hand when it comes to renewing their status.

The Laredo Immigrant Alliance held a DACA renewal clinic on Saturday to assist them with any questions they may have when filing their paperwork.

For the past two months, the group has been hard at work calling different legal experts to take part in the event.

The group was able to bring together a group of pro-bono attorneys from San Antonio, Houston and even Washington.

Several local lawyers helped with resources for local DACA recipients.

Organizers made calls to DACA recipients leading up to the event making sure they had all the necessary documents.

The Laredo Immigrant Alliance believes these clinics are helpful to the Dreamer community and will continue to provide these types of events in the future.