Laredo Mayor speaks out about water boil advisory

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The end of the water boil advisory could be nigh that’s according to Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz.

Mayor Pete Saenz

During Monday night’s City Council meeting, officials spoke in depth about the advisory and the possibility of giving residents affected by the notice a discount.

According to Mayor Pete Saenz, TCEQ is currently in the process of testing and sampling the water from the past couple of days.

If the recent samples show good results, there is a chance that the water boil advisory will be lifted by Wednesday.

Until then, the water notice is still in effect for parts of central, east and south Laredo.

Residents living in those areas are still encouraged to boil their water before consumption.

Mayor Saenz adds that City Council had a lengthy discussion about the possibility of giving residents a discount on their water during the time the city was under a water boil advisory.

The mayor says management is going to look at the numbers to see how much of a credit they can issue and present their findings during the next City Council meeting.