Laredo Police Department COVID-19 response stats

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Local law enforcement continues to patrol our community with the effort to enforce the City and County's newest guidelines on the COVID-19.

The Laredo Police Department's order enforcement team has stopped at multiple restaurants, bars, supermarkets, salons, public parks, and spaces reminding the community about the regulations in place.

The department released their response activity for Wednesday, when 194 rounds of park checks were made, as well as 17 checks on price gouging.

Also, 3 citations were issued Wednesday. LPD says 2 businesses were cited and one person was cited for being in a park.

The department reports receiving 41 complaint calls about violations and total of 189 businesses were checked.

If you would like to report any price gouging or believe you have been a victim of price gouging; please call the Laredo Police Department to file an incident report.

When filing a report you will be asked the name of the business or individual, as well as the address and a detailed description.

Also, an explanation of how you came to contact with the business or individual, and finally the transaction date and the amount charged.

Laredo PD says it works with the Webb County Sheriff's Office, Constables precinct 4 and 2, and the Texas Department of Public Safety to be able to address all violations or complaints.