Laredo Police Department arrests cupid

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - It’s Valentine’s Day but of course crime does not take a vacation.

The Laredo Police Department arrested someone who is notorious for stealing hearts.

Baby Cupid was spotted by the LPD headquarters on Valentine’s Day morning.

Officers had to disarm the individual by taking away his bow and arrows.
Cupid was charged with stealing hearts and aggravated cuteness.

The police department says it wanted to spread a little Valentine’s Day cheer to the community and thought this was a nice gesture.

The department says it would like to thank Officers Kiara Karla Garza, Estefania Gonzalez and Gina Gonzales for putting it all together and of course Cupid himself, Matthew S. Moreno.

Laredo Police would also like to wish everyone in the community a very Happy Valentine’s Day!