Laredo Police arrests five teens for making threats at various schools

Published: Feb. 23, 2018 at 6:09 PM CST
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Laredo Police have arrested a total of five teenagers for allegedly being in connection to the recent threats made at various schools.

According to Laredo Police on Thursday, February 15th, officers received a tip via Crime Stoppers about a young man making threats at an LISD campus.

LISD PD along with LPD worked throughout the evening to identify and locate the alleged suspect.

Eventually authorities were able to locate the residence and detain the man.

Detectives determined that the man had been taken to be evaluated for his current condition.

The man was transported to LMC where he was eventually evaluated by the appropriate care facility.

No charges have been made in this case pending an ongoing investigation.

On February 15th, a Webb County Juvenile Detention officer reported that a 16-year-old boy, already being detained at the facility on a criminal charge, made statement to his classmates regarding threats towards an LISD campus.

The case was investigated as a Terroristic Threats Class B Misdemeanor.

On February 18th, UISD Police reported that a student had made a threat online against one of its campuses and one of the administrators on the campus via a social media page.

Authorities investigated the case and arrested 18-year-old Gerardo Martinez for Harassment Class B False Alarm or Report state Jail Felony for threats against the school.

On February 20th two boys ages 14 and 15 were reported to have made violent threats towards one of the campuses of the Harmony Schools, which was witnessed and reported by a member of the faculty. The case was investigated and both juveniles were charged with Terrorist Threats Class B Misdemeanor.