Laredo Police raid four eight-liner businesses and a home

Published: Jan. 5, 2018 at 2:43 PM CST
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Several eight-liner businesses are raided by police in an operation that included Laredo, Zapata and Falcon Heights.

The raids were executed late Friday morning.

Four amusement centers in Laredo were targeted which include, the magic spin and wild spin on Calton Road, the Good Fortune on Saunders and Village of Fortune.

Also raided was a home located on the 3000 block of Robert Frost.

Joe Baeza with the Laredo Police Department says, “Our biggest concern in the bigger picture of things is whether or not the proceeds of these illegal activities are part of something bigger. There isn’t anything here to corroborate that its part of the scope of the investigation and that they're paying out money when they're not supposed to.”

So far, no one has been arrested in relation to the raids.

A person at one of the businesses was determined to be in the country illegally and was handed over to immigration officials.