Laredo Police shut down eight-liner business

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Local authorities shut down a local business that was continuing its operations despite the coronavirus emergency ordinance.

The incident happened on Tuesday, March 24th, when officers were called out to an eight-liner business located at the 7500 block of McPherson where police noticed that the business was open and allowing patrons to play inside.

After conducting surveillance, officers noticed that customers were parking their cars on the eastside and entering through the rear door.

Officers confronted a 45-year-old man who exited the establishment and admitted that he had just finished playing the machines.

Police entered the business and found 30 fully operational machines as well as a $5,712 of U.S. currency and $6,000 in Mexican currency.

Nora Idalia Garcilazo was cited for violating the city ordinance and a male customer was detained by Border Patrol for being in the country illegally.

The police department says due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, these businesses will remain closed to the public and failure to abide by the ordinance will not be tolerated.