Last Friday of February!

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - It's been an unusually warm winter, considering we only had a few major cold fronts pop up during certain parts of December, January, and February.

Although winter technically isn't over, we are going to start to see much warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend.

We will start off near-freezing Friday morning with temperatures in the upper 30s, but we will warm up to a high of 73 degrees.

Then on Saturday, we will pop up to the high 70s and by Sunday we are looking at warm and sunny conditions in the mid-80s.

As we start our first full week of March, on Monday we are already looking at temperatures in the 90s.

It won't last too long, on Tuesday and Wednesday we will drop back down below the mid-80s.

Hopefully, we can hold off on those 90s and 100s for another few months before we start seeing them every day.