Last chance to file your taxes!

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - It was a busy tax day for last minute filers who were looking to beat the clock.

Retired Police Captain Blasa Bluhm, says she does her taxes as soon as she can.

Bluhm says she has created a habit to do it first thing so that by February or the beginning of March she is done.

Although the early bird has completed her taxes, she says her son still had to mail is out.

According to the IRS, 50 million people have yet to file their taxes.
Some taxpayers say it’s best to avoid the pain of the long wait times and file early; however, Bluhm knows it doesn’t always work out.

Bluhm says, sometimes people who work long hours during the day might forget and put it off until the last minute.

If you were not able to turn in your taxes, you will need to complete a 4868 form which will give you an automatic six month extension to file, but if you owe taxes, you will need to set up an estimated payment to prevent acquiring more penalties.