Laredo Police host Law Enforcement Expo

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Hundreds of officers made their way out to UniTrade Stadium on Wednesday morning to take part in this year’s Law Enforcement Expo.

Local, state and federal agencies set up booths to showcase their departments and to inform local residents about the differences between them.

From the bomb squad robots to state of the art x-ray equipment, everything was on display for everyone to see.

Officers even had attendees put on drunk goggles and test how well they can drive in a go-kart around the parking lot.

It wasn’t just agencies who took part in the expo; new booths such as the Border Patrol Agents Family Network was also featured.

The group of Border Patrol wives serves to provide support to other green families throughout the sector.

Gina Guell with Border Patrol Agents Family Network says, “I love it! It's just because us wives, we really need that support system you know, we come to a new place that we've never been before. It's a whole new world and for us to be able to come together and have something that we can relate with and that we can get together and just ultimately have a family.”

The main purpose of the event was not only to showcase the different agencies but to hopefully raise the interests of students who are thinking of going into the law enforcement field.