Rancho Viejo Waste Management file lawsuit against the City of Laredo

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The company behind the Pescadito Environmental Center, a solid waste landfill, filed a lawsuit against the city after they allegedly lost their investor.

According to court documents, Rancho Viejo Waste Management is blaming the city for losing the firm interested in investing in the landfill.

They cite, they had submitted the application process through TCEQ in order to open a landfill in Laredo but throughout the process, the City of Laredo passed an amicus brief in opposition to the application and sent it to TCEQ.

In the documents, Rancho Viejo Waste Management says because of that, the firm backed out.

This lawsuit was presented in court this week and the federal judge dismissed the case saying, Rancho Viejo Waste Management could not prove any injury ruling in favor of the city.