Webb County seeking bond money for fairgrounds

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Webb County is looking for bond money in order to create a new fairground or work on renovating the current facility.

For the last two years, the county has been working on ways to improve the quality of its fairgrounds.

In the past, they have stated that the conditions of the current facility known as LIFE Downs were not meeting expectations.

Therefore, county officials have decided to move forward with a plan to create a new fairground.

Judge Tano Tijerina says he is willing to work with LIFE Downs on revamping the current location but says in order to do this, it’s important that all the money that goes through LIFE Downs goes through Webb County auditors so they remain transparent.

Tijerina says, "All we're trying to do is be transparent, being fair for everybody. We can't go willingly and give 20 million dollars of the people's money and not have any accountability. So that's the only thing that we're looking for, just to hold people accountable, making sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently, and have a beautiful quality of life project for Webb County."