Lifting the weight off of fitness centers

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - As part of Governor Abbott’s second phase of re-opening businesses in the State of Texas, fitness centers of all kinds are now able to operate with certain restrictions.

After two months of being on the bench, local gym junkies got up bright and early ready to resume their fitness goals.

TruFit General Manager Amanda Cruz says that roughly 20 people were standing outside at 5 a.m. ready to workout.

Although it may seem like business as usual, there are several requirements that all gyms need to follow.

For example, TruFit says the facility has been making adjustments to adhere to all of the guidelines.

Cruz says the center is monitoring their employee's temperatures to make sure they are healthy when they are working.

They have even closed off its daycare, sauna, and showers.

Employees are also constantly sanitizing equipment every half hour to prevent the spread of germs and although masks are not mandatory, they are highly encouraged.

It’s all about keeping their employees and customers safe.

Club Member Sarah Martel says she is excited to get back on track after three months of being out of commission.

Although not everyone agrees on opening gyms, some feel that it should be up to the public’s discretion.

Martel says with everything that's going on, it's up to the people to take the precautions and be careful when going about your routine.

Other gyms such as Legacy and Golds have posted what measures they are taking on their website or Facebook page.