Local WWII Veteran Celebrates 101st Birthday

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) It’s a story a century in the making and David Rankin can tell it best.

Rankin is a World War II veteran and celebrated his 101 birthday by finishing his autobiography of his military service.

“I expected to be killed in the war in my 20s, but I didn't get injured, hurt during the war” Rankin said.

Rankin was part of the European Theater of Operations.

“I made it to three invasions, north Africa, another one in Sicily and then Normandy France” Rankin said.

During the war, he served with one of history's greatest military leaders.

“I was trained under General Patton, there's his picture on the wall. He was our commander. I was his driver for a while, while riding on his jeep he would stand up and hold on to the windshield and say "faster son, FASTER" Rankin said.

While in Europe, he met the woman who would be with him for nearly six decades and inspired him to share his story.

“My wife said I should so I took her advice and starting writing. I met her while I was stationed in Europe, she's from Austria” Rankin said.

After serving 20 years in the military, Rankin and his wife Margareta moved to Laredo opening a business in the gateway city.

As for Rankin’s book, he says it should be out sometime later this year.