Local author reads bilingual book to elementary students

Published: Apr. 18, 2018 at 2:51 PM CDT
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A local author is sharing her latest bilingual book with students at Macdonell Elementary.

Author and professor of bilingual education, Dr. Maria Alma Gonzalez Perez has received widespread success for her book “Todos a Comer”.

The book is an alphabet book that matches each letter to different Hispanic foods and drinks.

Students laughed and cheered as Dr. Perez read the book out loud for the students.

Many schools in Texas and California are starting to use the book to teach students the importance of developing bi-literacy.

Dr. Perez says she’s received a lot of positive feedback on the book from students and teachers.

Dr. Perez says, "I've just enjoyed working with the children in the schools and sharing fresh material because I feel that teachers should not rely on a textbook or set curriculum, but should continue to enhance it with fresh new books that come out and to always be on the lookout for new material."

”Todos a Comer” is the first of a three part alphabet book series.

Right now, Dr. Perez is working on her second book which will be on Mexican customs and traditions and the third will be a cowboy book.

“Todos a Comer” has sold 2,000 copies in one year and will soon sell its second batch.

The book has also earned first place in the Latino Book Awards.