Business owner voices concerns about parking issues near Alexander

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A north Laredo high school is causing some headaches for business owners in the area.

Local shops at the Shoppes at Winfield plaza say they are being affected by parents picking up students exiting Alexander High School, a problem that has become an ongoing nuisance.

Brian Castaneda who works at one of the businesses at the plaza says parents are parking in front of the businesses to avoid from going to the school, but this causes a bottleneck in their parking lot.

Castaneda says they barely have enough space as it is and sometimes they have to wait from someone to leave in order to park.

Those who park to pick up students admit they are not proud of what they do but says there are things UISD could do to relieve after-school traffic.

Parents say they find it easier to park, have their kid cross the street and then be on their way.

UISD says they have a program in place that makes it safer for students.

Enrique Rangel with UISD says, “The use of a traffic loop with several lanes, throughout the loop that we have officers and administrators to ensure that the students don't have to exit the campus, and they can be dropped off and picked up in the safest manner."

Although the wait may be a little bit longer, Rangel says it’s worth every minute.

For now businesses at the shopping plaza have put up signs that discourage non-customer parking; however, it’s difficult to enforce when vehicles are occupied.

UISD says it works closely with the City of Laredo’s Traffic Safety Department to synchronize stop lights outside the high school.