Local environmental group speaks out about water boil alert

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - While some areas continue to be under a water boil advisory, a local environmental organization is speaking out about the issue.

The Rio Grande International Study Center or RGISC is still trying to get a better understanding of what happened and how the city's water system got to this point.

During a press conference on Monday, city officials revealed inadequate chlorine levels have been present in our water system since May.

Officials with the RGISC organization are questioning why it took five months for a water advisory to be issued.

They also want to get a grasp as to why the water levels are unable to maintain state standards for chlorine levels.

Tricia Cortez, the executive director of the RGISC says the state law is simple and clear when alerts need to be issued.

Since Laredo is growing at a rapid pace, the city needs to get a grasp on the failures that are happening.

Cortez says “Why have there been such extreme delays when it comes to these water boil alerts, given how simple clear and straight forward the state law is about that to protect the public?”

As of right now, officials are unclear how long the affected areas will be under a water boil advisory.

Right now city officials and the TCEQ have not found bacteria in the water after conducting daily tests; however, Tricia says those in the affected areas should continue to boil their water before consumption as a precaution.