Local filmmaker raising money for next project

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A local aspiring filmmaker made his community proud after debuting his film which was a huge success, now he's working on his next big project.

"Monday" is Alejandro Montoya Marin's first feature film. He was able to make his movie through "Rebel Without A Crew", a TV show from film icon, Robert Rodriguez.

They only had a budget of $7,000 for their entire film, with only 14 days to shoot.

Even with this challenge, the film received great reviews and was selected to be shown at many film festivals.

For Alejandro, this accomplishment is just the beginning, since he is now preparing for his next film called "Millenium Bugs".

For his second film, Alejandro needs a bigger budget of $55,000.

Two months ago, he started a fundraiser and is now close to reaching his goal.

Despite his reservations, he is determined to make this happen.

Alejandro's persistence and determination shows us that we should never lose sight of our goals.

If you would like to support his film you can click here.