Veterans group withdraws decision to build museum at city park

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A group of veterans is changing their minds after announcing they were behind a proposal to build a museum honoring veterans at North Central Park.

Leadership at VFW Post 91-94 made the decision after learning how some of its new members felt about the proposal to build a museum at the park.

The group originally opposed the plans from the start.

At the time, they believed only certain veterans would be honored at the proposed museum, but they jumped in after learning it would honor all veterans and were promised it would be eco-friendly, but now they are pulling out.

The group says they are respecting the groups who are protesting the museum at the park.

Gabriel Lopez with the veterans group says they will support the park once all the facts are known and the public agrees to its construction.

When asked where the group would like the museum they said they would prefer the downtown area.

Lope says he hopes everyone can come to an agreement on where to build the museum.