Lozano Adds to Laredos Boxing Legacy

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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - Laredo has a history of producing top notch boxers and coming off the youth national championships in Dallas, you can add another name to that list as Jennifer Lozano has brought home the gold. After less than two years of working in the ring, Lozano stepped between the ropes against the best the country had to offer and she came out on top.

"I was pretty nervous but at the same time I had the confidence, so once I stepped in that ring, I knew I had it."

While she might have believed in herself, the victory wasn't complete until her arm was raised in the air and it's a moment the young Laredoan says she'll never forget.

"My heart went up, seeing the smiles on everyone else and them cheering it was an excitement. I was pretty happy."

The victory didn't come easy for Lozano though as with the help of her coach they pushed her to her limits during training.

"I trained about two times a day non-stop, it was pretty hard. I went more than just my limits and I pushed myself more."

"Worked twice a day, sometimes three times a day. Going out of town to get some sparring done and a lot of cardio training, strength training." (Eddie Vela, Lozano’s Coach)

Even though she's still young in the sport, Vela says the natural ability Lozano shows is what has set her apart from her competition so far.

"She adapts to new things at a fast pace, she's capable of putting it all together in a few fights and that's what makes her successful in the ring." (Lozano)

Now with the gold medal securely around her neck, Laredo’s newest national champion has time to think back on what this win and all that went into it means.

"It feels like wow, I can't believe I actually did this ... through all this hard time that I've been training, I never thought I'd do this." (Lozano)

It wasn't just Lozano competing in Dallas from Laredo, seven fighters represented the Gateway City with Mason Vela, Roy Garcia and Angel Garcia all bringing home third place. Next up for Lozano is the Dallas Police Activities League tournament later this month.

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