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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - Some writers work all their lives to have a book published but a young Laredo girl did just that at the age of eleven.

Madelynn Faith Niles was born, with missing several ribs. At the age of three she became part of a titanium rib program at a hospital in San Antonio, which she used for inspiration for her first book.

Ann introduces us to the young girl who's letting other kids know, it's ok to be afraid.

When Madelynn Faith Niles was born, doctors discovered she was missing several ribs, which made it hard for her to breathe and walk.

So at the age of three she became part of a titanium rib program at a hospital in San Antonio.

It's an experience Madelynn used for inspiration for her first book, in the hopes of helping other kids.

"I was born October 28, 2003. I have a twin sister. My mother was in the hospital for a long time before we were born. We were born too early. We stayed in the hospital for three months before we were allowed to go home. Our middle names are hope and faith", said Madelynn.

What started out as a fifth grade project for Madelynn Faith Niles, has grown into so much more.

It's a story about how much of her young life was spent in and out of the hospital.

Undergoing surgery every six months, for the past nine years.

Experiences that were scary for a young child. So Madelynn set out to write about it.

"She would get very upset because we could only go so far with her and then she would have to go in the room by herself, the tables really cold and hard and they would put the mask on her face and she always hated the mask, and finally the anesthesiologist one time asked her why and she said it smells like monkey butt", said father Chris Niles.

Her dad Chris says it was an uncomfortable experience for Madelynn, turned into a light hearted story, one that she hoped other kids would get the chance to read.

"She told me dad can we get my book published, and I was like 'oh my gosh' and I hate to disappoint her and I said well, we'll do the best we can", said Chris Niles.

A chance encounter with an old friend put Chris in touch with a publisher and he gave her a call, hoping for a chance.

"When, I read the story and I get choked up, and the fact that the editor called me and was all choked up, I didn't know what to say, I'm just so proud, and she's stronger than I'll ever be, she's had 20 plus surgeries and she's still a trooper", said Chris Niles.

Madelynn was offered a contract to have 'my hospital journey' published and now she's hoping other kids get the message.

"That it's ok to be afraid", said Maddelynn

Madelynn has already had one successful book signing and is hoping her book ends up in children's hospitals across the country.

"What do you see yourself doing when you grow up? You gonna keep writing? Be a doctor. That's awesome! There's a pic of you on the last page of the book all grown up as a nurse, a doctor", said Madelynn.

"I hope it inspires her to keep pursuing writing because she's very good at it, obviously, she got published, so that she can support herself and just get her that little bit of independence that she still needs for later in life, I think she's gonna do awesome", said Chris Niles.

Madelynn recently graduated from the titanium rib program, she only has one titanium rib left and doctors will continue to monitor it.

If you want to buy Madelynn's book "My Hospital Journey: It's ok to be afraid" you can go to her website or you can also get it on Amazon.

She's also having a book signing on September 3rd at two p.m. at the Laredo Public Library.

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