Making a Difference: Beating the Laredo Heat

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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - There's no denying the Laredo heat can often be unbearable.

But not everyone in our community has the luxury of place to cool down.
Imagine having to deal with the sweltering heat, without air conditioning or even a fan.

Unfortunately, that's the reality for some people living in our community.
But now there's a place where residents can go for some help.

"The Laredo heat is bad! 100 degrees for the next 10 days", said Salo Otero.

It's a sentiment we all share this time of year, but imagine dealing with the intense Laredo heat with no air conditioning and no fan.
It's a problem employees at Union Pacific, know exists.

"We had the idea of partnering with Laredo, but we wanted to partner with the people that need the most help", said Ivan Jaime.

So a group of railroad employees got together with the South Texas Food Bank and donated more than 100 fans, for people in our city who need the help cooling down this summer.

"The heat here in Laredo is extremely extremely hot, so not only will we be able to alleviate a little of their hunger, but maybe a little bit of their heat problems they might have at their homes", said Alma Boubel.

Alma Boubel, the executive director of the South Texas Food Bank, says their clients can pick up a fan this month along with a bag of groceries.

"If the need is there, anybody can come and ask for a fan, we'll be more than happy to oblige", said Boubel.

"The employees of Union Pacific are very hopeful that we can make a good impact today in our community"

It's a partnership the two organizations hope will bring some relief during the long Laredo summer.

"We are more than just a food bank and of course union pacific has become one of our biggest fans now", said Otero.

Distribution of the fans will start this month at the food bank. You can stop by their facility if you're in need of some help.

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