Making a Difference: Down Moms of Laredo

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Finding out that your child is born with down syndrome can be a difficult reality for new parents in the beginning but a new organization in town is helping families learn all they can about the condition and raising awareness in the process.

"Down Moms of Laredo" is a new organization in town that was created by three local moms.

The mothers say their main goal is to build a better understanding of the condition and stand up as advocates for their children.

For Yazmin Charles, finding out her daughter Daniella would be born with down syndrome left her with so many questions so she set out to find other mothers who a re experiencing the same thing.

While looking for a play date through Facebook, Yazmin found Amber, whose daughter Lila was also born with down syndrome.

Yazmin and Amber joined up with Cindy who has a 15-year-old daughter Megan.

Together the three women formed Down Moms of Laredo, a non profit dedicated to down syndrome awareness and support.

The group focuses on connecting new parents to resources and creating activities for kids with down syndrome.

But they also want new parents to know raising a child with down syndrome is no different.

So far about 30 families in Laredo are receiving services from the group.

For more information on Down Moms of Laredo you can find them on Facebook.

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