Making a Difference: Madelynn Receives Award

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A local middle school was filled with students and staff as well as many others as a Laredo girl was honored with an award from the Texas governor.

When Madelynn Niles wrote a book at the age of eleven, she had no idea that it would actually get published or that it would receive the recognition that it has.

Madelynn's father Chris Niles was overjoyed when he found out that his daughter Madelynn was receiving an award from the governor's office.

One year ago, Madelynn was featured on KGNS when her book about her journey through the titanium rib program and her countless hospital stays was published.

Just last month, Madelynn found out that her book was being awarded a Barbara Jordan Media Award, an honor given out by the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities.

Richard Martinez sits on the Governor's Committee and made the trip to Laredo to present Madelynn with her award.

Trautmann Middle School held a pep rally in honor of Madelynn as she received her medal.

Madelynn and her family were so excited to receive the award.

She already has an idea for a second book, but for now she's focusing on school and looking for a new publisher.

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