Making a Difference: Homeless Vets Part Two

Although Jennifer Roby's mission is to help homeless vets get off the streets and into a better lifestyle, she says her mission is to help any person who she comes across.
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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - The prevalence of homelessness and drug abuse in our community is a problem not many Laredoans get to see up close.

One Laredo woman is working to help veterans who are living in poverty find their way off the streets and into a better life overall.

Although Jennifer Roby has success helping veterans get their lives back together, she says she also tries to help any person she comes across.

Police in the downtown area say most people downtown live in run-down buildings, where people do drugs and get involved in other illegal activities.

Police say six people living downtown have died of a drug overdoes in the last 24 months, something that motivates Jennifer to do her best to save who she can.

If you would like to help local veterans, a food drive is taking place on Friday.

The food drive is accepting canned foods and non-perishable food items.

Everything collected will be bagged and distribued to veterans.

For a list of locations you can click the link below.

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