Making a Difference: TAMIU Promotes a Future In Engineering

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Hundreds of students in Laredo are using their interest in robotics to hopefully one day launch a career in engineering.

A few years ago, most students would transfer out of Laredo for a career in engineering but nowadays it's become easier for students to get all the hands on and educational experience they need.

Students at TAMIU say a lot of what they learn is due to the work of one professor.

It's a task the engineering department at TAMIU is tackling head on, helping NASA develop ways to explore space, using robots.

Students in the department qualified for a grant after an impressive showing at a robotics competition last year.

Rosaura Martinez, who has dreams of working for NASA says the program is starting to grow.

Doctor Tariq Tashtoush says as a kid, he was always breaking things, just to find out how they worked.

Originally from Jordan, Tashtoush came to the states to get his masters and PHD and after working for several years in New York, he found himself in the engineering department at TAMIU.

It's Tashtoush's influences and encouragement that Rosaura says has helped the students at TAMIU excel.

Several out of state competitions have brought recognition and more opportunity.

Tashtoush says he had many professors who have influenced him over the years and now he hopes to influence his students the same way.

Engineering is currently one of the fastest growing majors at TAMIU.

Dr. Tashtoush also volunteers his time with students at Harmony Science Academy, serving as mentors for young students interested in Robotics and engineering.

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