Making a Difference: Walmart Employees Help Children's Hospital

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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - If you're a parent, you know that having a child in the hospital is a terrifying situation but having to then worry about paying for medical costs is an added burden.

Many Laredo kids who find themselves fighting series injuries or in need of special services usually end up at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio.

Some Laredo Walmart employees did all they could in a big fundraising effort to help those in need.

The employees at the Walmart on San Bernardo raised more money for the hospital than any other store in the nation.

Carmelita Cedillo works for the hospital and says the donations go a long way to help the families.

Araceli Arredondo found herself in San Antonio after her son's appendix burst.

After almost two months her son was able to return home, but says she always thinks back about their time in the hospital.

Misael Sosa is the co-manager at Walmart and says the employees are really excited about helping out with the cause.

Employees at the San Bernardo Walmart raised more than $72,000.

Aside from collecting money at the register, the store employees did things like sell tacos and other goods.

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