Man accused in house party shooting released from prison

Brandon Gonzales

Greenville, TX (CNN) - A Texas man accused of killing two people and injuring a dozen others in a house party shooting is released from custody Tuesday night.

Brandon Gonzales says he's still wrapping his head around what happened.

He says he was told by a guard he was being released, but was not told why.

The Hunt County Sheriff isn't saying much either except that evidence was found that cleared Gonzales.

He was charged with capital murder last month.

A witness allegedly identified him as the gunman in the Texas A&M off-campus party shooting.

Gonzales says he was not the shooter and expressed his disappointment for being arrested in the first place.

The sheriff's office won't say what evidence caused them to release Gonzales; however, his attorneys say they plan to file a civil suit.

Meanwhile, deputies are asking anyone with information about the shooting to come forward.