Man accused of faking Down Syndrome to have caretakers change his diaper

Published: Sep. 14, 2018 at 1:37 PM CDT
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An Arizona man is facing with five counts of sexual abuse and three counts of fraud after he pretended to have Down syndrome and requested diaper changes from care workers.

According to court documents, it started in May when a care worker responded to an ad on and agreed to be paid by a person named Amy to care for her 31-year-old son, Paul Anthony Menchaca.

"Why would he do it?" asked Sara Allen, the first of the three caregivers accusing Menchaca of fraudulent behavior.

Amy said Menchaca had Down syndrome and required diaper changes and bathing. Allen provided care to Menchaca around 30 different times at locations in Gilbert and Chandler.

"He would talk like a child. He would act like a child," Allen said.

Allen said there were at least five different times when Menchaca aggressively claimed his genitals were not cleaned enough and the care worker had to clean them more thoroughly.

Allen eventually became suspicious of Menchaca and decided to follow him after she dropped him at a neutral location.

She followed Menchaca to his home and knocked on the front door. That's when she was greeted by Menchaca's actual parents who said Menchaca did not have Down syndrome and did not require diaper changes.